Hearing Testing for Hearing Aid Evaluation

The battery of tests, undertaken with in a sound proof booth environment, can establish the level of hearing, the response to speech at both normal and amplified levels as well as which section of the ear is causing any loss that is identified. The initial consultation takes approximately an hour.

If the test results do reveal the presence of a hearing loss, referral for medical intervention may be recommended or possible fitment of a variety of hearing instruments to improve the quality of hearing and consequently, the quality of life.

Fitting of Hearing Aids

If it is felt that a hearing instrument may be of benefit, factors such as the following influence the choice:


Such as eating out in noisy environment, attendance at large gatherings, going to the theatre and attendance at meetings.


The ability of the client to manipulate, clean, fit and care for the instrument correctly.


Personal budgets and medical aid recommended tariffs can and do influence the fitting decisions, but it is usually possible to find a good match between effective fitment and suitable expense.

The above factors are taken into account to find the best solution with the maximum likelihood of a positive outcome, better hearing and improved lifestyle being the result.

In our practice fittings can be performed on a trial basis to insure the satisfaction of our clients.

With the advance of digital technology, the choice of instruments is vast and constantly evolving. Our practices deal with numerous internationally recognised hearing aid manufacturers from around the world.

Through this diversity we are able to insure exceptional levels of technology, service and back up service as well as being able to select suitable instruments from a stable of suppliers so that you are assured of finding the best solution for you.


If an instrument malfunctions, it will be evaluated in house to establish whether the problem can be resolved immediately or if the instrument requires more in depth evaluation by the manufacturer.

If the warranty period on the instrument has expired, a quotation as to the cost of the repair would first be obtained.

Assistive Listening Devices:

Numerous devices are available in order to assist in listening in meetings/groups, as well as to the TV, cell phone and landline.

These devices are wireless and improve the speech to noise ratio dramatically.